Photographer: Santiago Perez; Client: Unilever; Advertising Agency: DAVID, Buenos Aires / Ogilvy & Mather, London; Production Company: Primo; More from Santiago


Photographer: Olga Urbanek; Gorgeous Model: Sigríður Stefánsdóttir; Photo Assistance: Pola Pilipiuk; Location: Reykjavik/Iceland; More from Olga


Niculai Constantinescu just did this fashion series which will be online pretty soon and we are curious for more!
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Besides portrait and fashion photography, Santiago Perez is an amazing still life Photographer as well!
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Have a look at Olga Urbanek´s latest fashion series which she just shot in Iceland. Styling: Diana Rós Hanh Breckmann; Hair & Make-Up Artist: Sunna Björk Erlingsdóttir; Model: Alfrun, Eskimo Models
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Syndikat Artist Florian Raz updated his website.
Have a look at it here.


In 2016 in the South of Senegal, Photographer Niculai Constantinescu documented the work of the anti-plastic initiative "System D". The portraits he made of the people involved later were printed and hung publicly in the township to thank them.
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Carolin Löbbert is recently working on a new poster series called "Hot Hot Summer". Here is a little sneak preview.
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Olga Urbanek, who was born in Poland, studied in Warsaw and currently lives in Iceland, lately spent a lot of time in the nearby outdoors capturing the breathtaking landscapes and unique nature of Iceland.
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Syndikat Illustrator Carolin Löbbert worked again for the recent and recommendable issue of "Spring Magazine´s" issue #14 called "Yo future!". More from Carolin