Why did you choose to become an Illustrator?
Benjamin Savignac: Actually a simple question but in fact so complicated to answer! At the very beginning it was just what I liked to do with no thoughts of a career or something like that. I simply liked drawings and soon created all the time something by myself. I guess that I from that point started to turn my art into a profession.





Was there an alternative career or opportunity?'
Benjamin Savignac: I like musics a lot as well but I don’t have the time to get involved in it besides my aritistical work. The answers says it all I think!:-).I made the right decision with choosing my profession as a photographer!





How would you describe your way of working?
Benjamin Savignac: What I like the most is to start from an empty page and with no concrete ideas, just driven by the inspiration that mostly comes after a time. Just like an adventure, you don’t really know where’re going. On the good days I really feel like this childish mood of drifting into a totally differen state of mind.





Which part of your work do you like most?
Benjamin Savignac: I think the state of mind I just answered in the question before:-). But also I am very happy when I have the right instruments and elements to work with and if I feel free with it, like a chef who has the right ingredients and is happy to create a delicious meal.





Which artist do you appreciate?
Benjamin Savignac : There are a lot! Too many to name them. I think in all artistic work theres is something fascinating to find. So I simply like to explore new artists and their work.