Why did you become an illustrator?
Nora Kamp: Even as a little kid I was passionate about drawing and working with a variety of materials, I was very imaginative and full of ideas. Working with my hands was always a big part of my creative development and I've always been very clear that I want to work in the creative fields. Becoming an Illustrator wasn't the masterplan but I was quiet sure it would go in this direction. I was very lucky to find a school where I had the chance to experiment with lots of different techniques and materials at a very young age already. Now I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and I feel very happy that it allows me to work free and it challenges me every single day.





Was there an alternative career or opportunity?
Nora Kamp: It has always been clear that I will work in the creative industry but if I had to chose a completely different field I would definitely work with animals. there is not much in the world that makes me as happy and touches me as deeply as the honest spirit of animals in general.





Which part of your work do you like most?
Nora Kamp: I really enjoy to be my own boss. Although it's not always easy to run your own business, to manage everything necessary to make a project successful. To balance the creative work and for example the project management, the customer acquisation, everything that has to do with numbers and taxes etc. is definitively the section I enjoy less. :-) I love to connect ideas, to get carried away by possibilities and to make other people happy with the things I create. positive feedback is one of the things that gives me wings to push further and keep going.





What inspires you in terms of your own work?
Nora Kamp: Living in Vienna inspires me every day. this city is full of art, design, tradition and craftsmanship. I love everything about wiener werkst├Ątte and jugendstil, I find inspiration in graphics and architecture, in structures of everyday opjects, in music, travelling and just walking through this world with open eyes. It's a mix of everyday things that come across and touch me anyhow.