New fashion editorial "Floors" by Syndikat artist Santiago Perez for "A Part Magazine". Fashion Styling by Nuria Gregori, Hair by Kosuke Ikeuchi, Make-Up by Ana Buvinic, Model: Antonia/Mrrrs Models. More from Santiago Perez here.


Have a look at Olga Urbanek´s last photos, which she shot in Iceland before heading to Berlin! More from Olga Urbanen here.


Illustrator Carolin Löbbert is currently working on a new series featuring some birds, bees and butterflies. See Carolines portfolios here.


Reggae, Dancehall and Ragga artist Buju Banton by Niculai Constantinescu in July in Cologne. More about photographer Niculai Constantinescu here.


Syndikat photographer Niculai Constantinescu shot German rapper Kontra K in Berlin for Spotify. More musicians shot by Niculai here.


Carolin Löbbert recently worked for "Spring Magazin"´s new issue "Sex", which will be published beginning of September. You can preorder the magazine at mairisch Verlag, more info about the release exhibtion etc. will follow. See Carolin´s portfolios here.


Great news coming up: Poland-born photographer Olga Urbanek, who lived in Iceland for the last couple of years will be moving to Berlin in October! We couldn't be any happier to host this global citizen! See Olga´s portfolios here.


Photographer: Santiago Perez/Syndikat Artists; Set Design: Rebecca Martin; Set Design Assistance; Carina Dewhurst; Hair & Make-Up: Berenice Ammann; Hair & Make-Up Assitance: Kosuke Ikeuchi; Model: Celine Tyson; Photo Assistance: Ivan Tomasevic. More from Santiago Perez here.


Florian Raz shot German Actor Wotan Wilke Möhring for "ZEIT Magazin" for their series "I have a dream". More from Florian Raz here.


We like birds. More from Olga Urbanek here.