Iceland based photographer Olga Urbanek is working steady on her series "Hidden People". Here is our nature edition from this series in which people are merging with the stunning fauna of Iceland.


Photography: Niculai Constantinescu, Magazine: Paper Mag, Styling: Kshitij Kankaria, Hair & Make-up Artist: Richard Wilkinson, Model: Patricia Laloyo, Post Production: Phillip Wurzbach


Our Daily bread: Photographer Studio Calle Hackenberg shot some bread for Deutsche Bahn Personenverkehr´s magazine "DB Mobil". Styling: Meike Graf, Food Styling: Lukas Fabio Baseda, Retouch: Tim Wachnowski, Photo Assistance: Lukas Meuser. More about Calle here.


We recently updated the portfolios of Russian Photographer Stepan Chubaev and even added a completly new still life portfolio (above). You can find all portfolios from Stepan here.


Have a look at Niko Neuwirth´s work in progress project "Analog Frankfurt" and join him on a day (and night) trip through his home town Frankfurt am Main.


Magazine: Le Mile Magazine SS2018; Photographer: Santiago Perez; Styling: Venessa Arnold; Hair & Make Up: Mirjam Martin; Models: Lena Marie Gautzsch, Mirrrs & Paul Krause, M4; Styling´s Assistant: Anastasiia Antonenko; Photographer´s Assistant: Maja Tybel; Retouch: Stefanie Schneeberger; More from Photographer Santiago Perez here.


After some time in South Africa, lifestyle and fashion photographer Niculai Constantinescu is back in Germany! Check his work out here.


Magazine: Contributor Magazine; Photographer: Santiago Perez; Styling: Venessa Arnold, Assistance: Anastasiia Antonenko; Hair & Make-Up: Carmen Rachel; Model: Lou Fiedes, IZAIO. More from Santiago here.


Here is our first Newsletter in 2018 in which we are revealing our latest entry: food & still life Photographer Calle Hackenberg! With him we are adding a new flavor to our menu of artists! So check him out and learn more about Calle here.


Santiago Perez: "Women who choose to transgress the aesthetic expectations of those who feel there should be a distinction between men and women, become gender outcasts. Although some may perceive female bodybuilding as  some sort of a “freak show”, it is, in fact, an active challenge of traditional gender and beauty norms." More from Santiago here.