Portrait of German journalist, publicist and presenter Anja Reschke by Florian Raz. See all portfolios of Florian Raz here.


We recently added this new series from Illustrator Nora Kamp aka Atelier Kamp from Vienna/Austria. See her portfolio here.


We are very proud to announce that Syndikat photographer Olga Urbanek is a finalist of the "Sony World Photography Awards 2019" in the "Portrait" category with her colourful portrait above. More from Olga here.


Have a look at the beautiful set of b/w and mute toned images Niculai Constantinescu shot of German soul and reggae Artis Ayọ.


Illustrator Enrico Nagel recently worked for German magazine "Gala". He created mixed-media collages of German actress Heike Makatsch featuring the styles of female icons Angela Davis, Coco Chanel, Jane Fonda, Jeanne d´Arc, Rosa Luxemburg and Yoko Ono. More from Enrico Nagel here.


Niko Neuwirth is still working on his long-term project "Analoque Frankfurt" about his hometown in Hessen, Germany. Here's the link to the whole series. See Niko´s portfolios here.


Santiago Perez shot new face Hilda in Berlin and later combined those portraits with some rocky still lifts. More from Santiago Perez here.


Happy new year to everyone out there! We are welcoming this year with some fresh photos by Niko Neuwirth from his "Frankfurt Nights" series. More from Niko Neuwirth here.


Collage artist Benjamin Savignac from Paris recently created this bold coloured accessories series featuring son classic pieces. See Benjamin´s portfolios here.


Russian Syndikat photographer Stephan Chuabev won the second price at the 2018 FIBA Photo Contest held by the international Basketball foundation. Congrats, dear Stefan! More of Stefan´s work here.