Photographer: Santiago Perez/Syndikat Artists; Set Design: Rebecca Martin; Set Design Assistance; Carina Dewhurst; Hair & Make-Up: Berenice Ammann; Hair & Make-Up Assitance: Kosuke Ikeuchi; Model: Celine Tyson; Photo Assistance: Ivan Tomasevic.


Florian Raz shot German Actor Wotan Wilke Möhring for "ZEIT Magazin" for their series "I have a dream". More from Florian Raz here.


We like birds. More from Olga Urbanek here.


Summer update of photographer Niko Neuwirth´s series "Analog Frankfurt" where he captures hot moments of his chosen home Frankfurt. Here the entire series.


Carolin Löbbert recently designed an ocean pattern celebrating World Oceans Day for client gaia. gaia produces sustainable food wraps, a very good alternative to still widely used cling wrap, made from plastic foil. See Carolin´s portfolio with some of her commissioned illustrations here.


Syndikat photographer Stepan Chubaev is currently showing his work at the Copenhagen Photo Festival in their "Censored Exhibition 2019" under the category of "fine art photography". Claire Gould, curator at Helsinki Art Museum, Elisa Medde, managing editor at Foam Mag, and Balder Olrik, visual artist and critic have chosen his work to be shown. We couldn´t be more delighted! (More info here).


The moment when Niculai Constantinescu´s and Jamaican reggae artist Jah Vinci´s paths crossed... More portraits by Niculai here.


A pretty regular shooting day for Syndikat photographer Stefan Chubaev in Saint Petersburg, Russia. See all of Stepan´s portfolios here.


Carolin Löbbert recently illustrated the famous philosophers Rainer Forst, Lisa Herzog, Rahel Jaeggie, Bruno Latour, Achille Mbembe and Marta Nussbaum for the weekly German newspaper "Die Zeit". See more from Carolin here.


"Human Flora was created in pursuit of finding the bond between human body and the environment it inhabits." See all of Olga Urbanek´s portfolios here.