New drawing by French illustrator Benjamin Savignac.


Frankfurt-born photographer Niko Neuwirth is still never not climbing the rooftops of his city by night (at least a few times a month) and keeps continuously working on his long-term project "Frankfurt Nights".


The photography of 20 years old Syndikat artist Stepan Chubarv from St.Petersburg, was recently featured in the print version of PAGE. They pretty much nailed it with what Stepan´s work is all about. See Stepan´s portfolios here.


Nicely arranged tables by photographer Silvia Orlandi. We really love her eye for colors ans shapes. More from Silvia here.


Syndikat artist Enrico Nagel used the corona lockdown in Paris to illustrate this special time in all its facets. Find more from Enrico here.


Portrait of hip hop legend Grandmaster Flash by Niculai Constantinescu! See Niculai´s portrait portfolio here.


Out now! Today is the official bookrelease of Carolin Löbbert´s wonderful new children’s book "Ich war spazieren auf ´nem Regenbogen - wahr oder gelogen" ("I took a walk on a rainbow - true or false?") published at Mairisch Verlag. Buy it here and see all portfolios and illustrations by Carolin Löbbert here.




Eori Wakakuwa filmed, directed and edited this clip for BAUME FW19/20. Model: Isabella Guzman, Zucca Models Japan. More from Eori Wakakuwa here.


Welcome, Silvia Orlandi! We are delighted that you as interior photographer are now joining our team with your unique, clean and colorful look! Silvia is based in Milan and works throughout Europe. See her portfolios here.


“ЙУХ“ is the Russian word “ХУЙ“ (dick) written in a mirror reflection. Brand-new and playful accessoires series by Russian photographer Stepan Chubaev shot in St.Petersburg in January 2020 featuring models Nina Babaeva and Leonard Rogov. More from Stepan Chubaev here.