The moment when Niculai Constantinescu´s and Jamaican reggae artist Jah Vinci´s paths crossed... More portraits by Niculai here.


A pretty regular shooting day for Syndikat photographer Stefan Chubaev in Saint Petersburg, Russia. See all of Stepan´s portfolios here.


Carolin Löbbert recently illustrated the famous philosophers Rainer Forst, Lisa Herzog, Rahel Jaeggie, Bruno Latour, Achille Mbembe and Marta Nussbaum for the weekly German newspaper "Die Zeit". See more from Carolin here.


"Human Flora was created in pursuit of finding the bond between human body and the environment it inhabits." See all of Olga Urbanek´s portfolios here.


Syndikat illustrator and creative director Benjamin Savignac from Paris created this lookbook "Manifeste Été 19". See more from Benjamin Savignac here.


Magazine: The Greatest Magazine; Photographer: Santiago Perez @Syndikat Artists; Fashion Styling: David Klee; Hair & Make-Up: Mirjam Martino; Models: David White, Kaspar, Paul, Soeben, all @4M Models.


Check out the updated portrait portfolio of Frankfurt based photographer Niko Neuwirth. More from Niko here.


Together with fashion stylist Buki Akomolafe and hair & make-up artist Richard Wilkinson, Niculai Constantinescu shot this amazing new series featuring model Onie. See all of Niculai´s portfolios here.


Syndikat illustrator Carolin Löbbert was asked by Google to create their todays doodle, celebrating the 132nd birthday of the German physicist Hedwig Kohn. What a great honor! See Carolin´s portfolios here.


Here is the latest commissioned artwork by Enrico Nagel for German "Wirtschaftswoche". More from Enrico Nagel here.