New fashion series by Berlin-based photographer Olga Urbanek. Find more portfolios from Olga Urbanen here.


Niculai Constantinescufor for fashion brand "Daily Paper" from Amsterdam. More from photographer Niculai Constantinescu here.


Niculai Constantinescu teamed up and joined forces with anni__we to create a photographic re-interpretation of nine famous paintings starting with Jan Vermeer's "Girl with a pearl earring" from 1665. We are absolutely in love! More from Niculai Constantinescu here.


Syndikat photographer Stepan Chubaev has recently been featured on thekunstmagazine.com. Have a look at it and enjoy. More from Stepan Chuabev here.


We are ending this year´s journal with some great cover work Enrico Nagel did for "Ada" Magazine. See more from Enrico Nagel here




We are more than happy to announce our latest Syndikat entry Eori Wakakuwa. Eori is a highly skilled fashion video producer who does concept, direction, camera and post production. He has been working in the industry in Tokyo for several years and is now based in Amsterdam and Berlin. Welcome, dear Eori!


"Au Paradis des Couleurs" by Syndikat artist Enrico Nagel. Enrico is currently based in Paris and Berlin. See all of Enrico´s portfolios here.


Hav a look at the latest sequence of photos from Niko Neuwirth´s long-term project "Analog Frankfurt". All of Niko Neuwirth´s portfolios here.


Paris based collage artist Benjamin Savignac is currently working on some new surrealistic black and white 3D pieces.


New collage by Enrico Nagel for an article about luxury by "brand eins" magazine. See all of Enrico´s portfolios here.