What was your very first photo opportunity?
Florian Raz: I think I must have been six years old, I used my old "Minolta" camera while I was strolling trough the zoo with my parents.





Why did you become a photographer?
Florian Raz: The view trough the view finder shows the world in a different and sort of peculiar way. To use "these views" jobwise is very special to me.





What was the biggest success in your career?
Florian Raz: That people, looking on my pictures don`t mention the "beautiful light" nor the "nice landscape" but letting their subjective and really personal feelings flow. If I manage to affect people in a way, positive or negative, than I'am where I want to be.





What inspires you in terms of your own work?
Florian Raz: Everything and everybody can be inspiring. Its in the moments; something gathers me, and do to that thoughts and projects and photos appear. A rotten apple, music, something on the street as well as a movie or so can create new ideas.