What was you very first photo opportunity?
Niculai Constantinescu: Long time ago I fell in love with reggae music and so I decided to dedicate my work to this music, I deeply wanted to be a part of that scene! I wanted to suppport it with my work and passion. In 2004 my biggest wish was to work for "Riddim Magazine", a good friend of mine who booked reggae Artists in Hamburg asked me to spend a day with Queen Omega (reggae artist from Trinidad and Tobago) because he had things to do so I took that oportunity to shoot with  her and send the results to the magazine. They wrote me back told me they loved the photos and wanted to use it for a double page spread. Since then I became a part of the Riddim Magazine family and till today I am still working for them. I used a 6 mp Minolta camera.





Why did you become a photographer?
Niculai Constantinescu: Way back in 2001 I took the camera my father gave me a few years earlier - it was a replica of a Nikon camera. It was the year I met my wife and I decided to go out and shoot with her. I looked at her with all my love and took pictures of her I never thought I were able to take. I was so suprised by the result that it made me stick to photography. I finally (!) found something that I could do,that could grow with me, change with me and seem to never get boring! Photography to me is just something that made me have a vison of where I wanna go with my life. So I decided to go all the way and I am still at it like I am still married to my wonderful wife.





What was the biggest success in your career?
Niculai Constantinescu: Personally the biggest succes is that I can wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and know that I did it all by myself. Anything I achieved (small or big) is because I believed in myself and to be able do live for my passion is a gift and a succes that cant be overwelmed my anything in this world.





What inspires you in terms of your own work?
Niculai Constantinescu: It actually all began with the fashion magazines of my mother. I loved to browse through them as a kid and looked at all those beautiful pictures of all those beautiful women. I was always very attracted to visual things. It´s like my eyes are addicted to beauty and character. I love to look at peoples faces, the endless variations of beauty inspires me everyday. Beside that music and movies had the biggest impact on the work I am doing today music is what moves my life, my emotions and my thoughts. Music is what fills my day with happines and gives me the strenght to hold on to my dreams and visons. So I would say there are too many artists that I aprecciate to name them all....