What was your first photo opportunity?
Olga Urbanek: I remember my first shot taken by an analogue Kodak camera on vacations in Greece with my parents. I took a picture of my mum sitting on a white barrel in the restaurant. I was maybe 5 years old and completely screw it up but I can still find that photo in one of our family albums.





Why did you become a photographer?
Olga Urbanek: Since I can remember, I always wanted to be an artist and traveller. So two years ago I left Poland and moved to Iceland which actually was the best decision in my live. My photography started here for real. It was worth to leave everything behind and to start living the life you´ve been always dreaming about.





Which photographic genres do you admire?
Olga Urbanek: I admire many amazingly talented Photographers and Artists! I'm absolutely into fashion, landscape and portrait photography. I am fascinated by people’s faces and how amazing it is to create, to arrange a picture. If it goes along with an stunning landscape: I´m in!





What´s the biggest success in your career?
Olga Urbanek: People say that you’re as good as your latest photoshoot and honestly I have no idea what my biggest success was. Success is not the biggest thing for me about photography.





Which Artist do you appreciate?
Olga Urbanek: I am extremly inspired by Elizaveta Porodina, Sonia Szostak, Michal Pudelka and Nina Raasch.





Which person you have shot remained memorable?
Olga Urbanek: I am really grateful for the people I met and got to know within the last two years. Many of them were my models for a long time and they were supporting me with every crazy idea that I came up with. These people are worth remembering!