What was your very first photo opportunity?
Stepan Chubaev: I think, capturing my neighbourhood in winter was my first photo opportunity. As my mum presented me a compact camera for a New Year 2011, I started taking pictures of everything I saw.





Why did you become a photographer?
Stepan Chubaev: Everyone should find a cause of his life. That is why, I tried myself in a lot of different hobbies in attempt to find the mine one. I've done aeromodelling, philately, fencing, playing guitar... Then I realised that nothing attracts me as much as photography. I decided to give up other hobbies to have enough free time and energy for developing my photography skills.





What was the biggest success in your career?
Stepan Chubaev: Participation in the group exhibition at the CICA museum, South Korea, was my biggest success. I was only 16, it was my first exhibition and it was abroad. I was so happy when I received the museum's agreement! Then came the next success: the first print publication in 2017. I was featured on the NOICE (issue 009) among the top 50 photographers. For me, progress is a success, as important as achievements are.





What inspires you in terms of your own work?
Stepan Chubaev: I'm inspired by Bosch, Malevich, Kandinskiy, Pivovarov, Viviane Sassen, Miles Aldridge, Petra Collins and Harley Weir.